Guidelines About Publishing Full Text as A Book Chapter

There is also a chance to publish the selected papers on ELT as a book chapter in Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK  (not affiliated to or associated with Cambridge University Press). Follow the guidelines below and send your full paper to 


Deadline: 30 June 2022

Word count: Between 3,000 and 3,500 words, except for abstract, references, tables, figures, and appendices.

Style: The whole text, including the tables and references, should be in double spaced Times (New) Roman using 12-point font. In-text citations, reference list, figures and tables should conform to APA formatting (7th edition). Please visit the following link to confirm that your manuscript is attached to the APA 7th version guidelines:

Sections: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology (Participants, Data Collection, Methods, Data Analysis), Findings and Discussion, Conclusions and Implications, References, Appendices (if any)

Last Update Date: 01 June 2022, Wednesday